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Validating Import Files

It is important to check the status of import files after uploading them. Files with failures may cause issues with Consumer accounts.

Checking for Success

  1. Log into the EMPOWER Employer Administrator Portal
  2. Click Imports on the menu on the left side of the screen
  3. There are three queues on the Imports screen: Pending, Processing, and Completed. Wait until the file you wish to validate appears in the Completed section before proceeding further.
    1. In the Completed section, there will be a record for the uploaded file
      1. Review the text underneath the title of your file
        1. If the text is Completed successfully, there is no further action required
        2. If the text is Completed with errors, proceed to the Resolving Errors section below

Resolving Errors

The below section explains how to resolve errors with import files.

  1. Click on the record for the failed import file to expand.
  2. Click the Review button
    1. There are two options to resolve: resubmitting the entire file or fixing issues one at a time
      1. To resubmit the file:
        1. Click Download original file to download the errored file
        2. Review the file for issues using the HSA Contribution instructions
        3. Make the appropriate changes to the file and save locally on your computer
        4. click Resubmit file
        5. Drag your saved file onto the screen
        6. Click Import
      2. To resolve issues one at a time:
        1. Click the Review & fix button
        2. Next to each consumer record, click the Fix all button
        3. Make the appropriate change
          1. Click Queue record
        4. When you have made all changes, click Resubmit file

Common Issues

  • Make sure that you have entered the correct contribution date. An error may occur or previously submitted data may be overwritten if a file contains the same contribution date for an existing file.
  • Make sure that the correct date format is entered. The correct date format is MMDDYYYY. Remember that months between January and September must start with a zero (example 09122020).
Social Security Number/Employee Identifier
  • Make sure that fields that contain a social security number do not include dashes or characters other than numbers.
  • Social security numbers/Employee Identifiers are only allowed for Participant Consumers who:
    • Are not termed
    • Are enrolled in the Plan
Template & Data
  • Make sure that the correct template is used. The system will not accept uploads that are not in the correct format
  • Make sure that there is no unintended data in cells that you do not wish to upload.

If you are unable to correct the failed file, contact EMPOWER for assistance