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FSA Onboarding Checklist



Thank you for choosing EMPOWER for your Flexible Spending Account Administration. We look forward to serving you and your employees. Please use this page as a guide to help you set up your new Plan.


We are happy to help you at all points of this onboarding phase. Before your Plan Year starts, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager for questions. When you have completed all the tasks below, your Account Manager will email you to formally move your Plan from the onboarding phases, and he or she will be your main contact moving forward.

Next Steps

Below are the next steps needed to set up your Plan:

Task Description Instructions
Prior to the Setup Call
Administrative Services Agreement Your Onboarding Manager will email you a link to digitally sign the Administrative Services Agreement. The is the contract between the Employer and EMPOWER. Your Onboarding Manager will send you an email to digitally sign the agreement. This email will come from PandaDoc, the digital signature service that EMPOWER uses. Click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.
Setup Form Your answers to the questions on this form help EMPOWER tailor your Plan to your needs. Download the form at and send to your Onboarding Manager.
After the Setup Call
Banking Setup Form
Contribution Calendar Form
Plan Documents